Call To Action

Make September 6th a global

day of action for

PFC Bradley Manning!

We invite PFC Bradley Manning’s supporters worldwide

to make it known to their government that we remember.

Ask President Obama

to pardon Bradley Manning.

For list of U.S. actions for Thursday, September 6, see below

International supporters please add your actions too! Notify Emma Cape: email


Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance – @akaWACA will be holding a protest in Melbourne, Australian, in solidarity with U.S. actions.  Thank you, mates!

Solidarity with Wikileaks and Julian Assange!

The following material is reposted in entirety from because the site was being attacked by morons from Antileaks.

Call for action at Obama 2012 offices nationwide Sept. 6th during DNC

The Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War Call for Nationwide Actions at local Obama Campaign Offices September 6th 2012 during the Democratic National Convention! Free Bradley Manning!

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. August 18, 2012.

Since Army PFC Bradley Manning’s arrest in May 2010 for allegedly sharing the “Collateral Murder” video and other evidence of war crimes and government corruption with the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, progressives and human rights activists have been asking, “Why isn’t President Obama stepping in to help Bradley?”

After all, it was President Obama who in May 2011 declared with regards to protests in the Middle East,

“In the 21st Century, information is power; the truth cannot be hidden; and the legitimacy of governments will ultimately depend on active and informed citizens.”


On Thursday, August 16, US military veterans in Portland OR, Oakland CA, and Los Angeles CA, occupied Obama 2012 campaign offices and faxed a letter of demands to the Obama campaign’s central office. Those letters began:

As those who have spent years serving our country, we have faith that as Commander-in-Chief, President Obama will do the right thing in answering our request.

The letter went on to list the following demands:

That President Obama retract and apologize for remarks made in April 2011, in which he said Bradley Manning “broke the law.” Because President Obama is commander-in-chief, this constitutes unlawful command influence, violating Article 37 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and prevents Bradley from receiving a fair trial.

That President Obama pardon the accused whistle-blower, taking into consideration his 800 days of pretrial confinement. UN torture chief Juan Mendez called Manning’s treatment “cruel and inhuman,” as it included nine months of solitary confinement at Quantico despite Brig psychiatrists recommending relaxed conditions.

The Bradley Manning Support Network maintains hope that justice will prevail and that President Obama can be the vehicle of change on this issue, but first he needs to hear loud and clear from veterans and civilians across the country that the American people want amends for the unlawful torture of Bradley Manning, and believe he should be freed.

Organizers of the August 16 West Coast actions are now urging others to join them in a nationwide effort to hold actions at many more local Obama campaign offices on September 6th, the day of candidate’s nomination acceptance speech. We want to share messages of support for Bradley with Obama campaign offices from coast to coast.

The Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War Call for Nationwide Actions at local Obama Campaign Offices September 6th 2012 during the Democratic National Convention! Free Bradley Manning!

Read the original call-to-action.

Actions at Obama 2012 offices nationwide

Participating cities are listed below, along with contact information for local organizers:

Anchorage, AK                      John Hettinger                            

Birmingham, AL                Paul Schilleci                     (event on Sept. 5th)

Tucson, AZ                              Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa

Culver City, CA                     Shane Que Hee                                       

Los Angeles, CA                    Lila Salas                                       

Menlo Park, CA                     James Lee                                                 

San Francisco, CA               Michael Thurman                      

Sacramento, CA                    Cres Vellucci                              

Washington, DC                    Malachy Kilbride                      

Orlando, FL                             Thomas Adriaan Hellinger    

Tallahassee, FL                     Tom Baxter                                 

Des Moines, IA                      Gilbert E. Landolt                      

Chicago, IL                              Andy Thayer                               

Boston, MA                             Pat Scanlon                                   

Minneapolis, MN                 Melissa Hill                                  

St. Louis, MO                          David Arnold                              

Charlotte, NC                         John Penley                                 

Concord, NH                         Arthur Brennan                          

Albuquerque, NM              Sally Thompson                         

Santa Fe, NM                          Bob Walsh                                     

New York, NY                        Bill Gilson                                      

Syracuse, NY                         Ursula Rozum                              

Toledo, OH                              Trudy Bond                                  

Medford, OR                            Herbert Rothschild                  

Portland, OR                           Malcolm Chaddock                  

Philadelphia, PA                 Cherie                                             

Austin, TX                               Fran Clark                                     

Dallas, TX                                 Chrissy Musgrove                     

Roanoke, VA                          David Yarbrough                      

Olympia, WA                          Bruce Wilkinson                        

Seattle, WA                              Peter Schoonmaker                 

Madison, WI                           Joy First                                        

Milwaukee WI                       Paul Moriarity                            

Markin on 23 August 2012 at 7:49 am said:

The Boston Smedley Butler Brigade and Samantha Chapter- Veterans for Peace, the Boston Bradley Manning Support Network , Somerville Manning Square Committee and other social activists and concerned citizens support the call by the National Bradley Manning Support Network and others (see below)to rally nationwide at local Obama headquarters at 77 Summer Street in Downtown Boston (near the Red And Orange MBTA lines) on Thursday September 6, 2012, the day President Obama is scheduled accept the Democratic Party nomination of president, to call for freedom for alleged Wikileaks whistleblower, Army Private First Class Bradley Manning. We also will be calling on the president to use his constitutional authority to pardon Private Manning now. More later as we firm up details.

Resource Roundup

Organizing a Sep 6 event for Bradley Manning at an Obama campaign office in your area?  Here is a list of resources to help!

  • flyer explaining why President Obama must free Bradley in order to live up to campaign promises.
  • The letter that veterans demanded be sent to Obama’s central campaign office during their August 16th action.
  • contact page you can use to find other local organizations to co-organize and attend events.
  • Search for the nearest Obama campaign office.
  • The petition by which people can send a letter to military generals AND sign up to receive more campaign information.
  • A website for registering your event where others around the country can search for it.  You can also post details and RSVP on facebook.
  • The contact e-mail for soliciting traditional and online media attention before and after your  (Please remember to take photos!)

And finally, click here to read more about the August 16th actions.  Whether you want to hear more about how the Oakland veterans successfully organized their occupation of Obama’s office, or you plan on putting together a less risky action, you can contact our organizer at for ideas.


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