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Poulsen & Lamo

Rasch is also the former Department of Justice attorney who investigated Wired magazine’s Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen for crime including mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice. Facing seven counts, Poulsen received a mere 51 months in prison. And when he emerged from prison, where did he wind up shortly afterwards?  Security Focus, a publication that focused on security issues related to the Internet, a publication that just so happened to employ Mark Rasch.  What’s stranger still is that Kevin Poulsen is now the Senior Editor at Wired, where he works with, you guessed it, Mark Rasch.

And what of Chet Uber, the Omaha resident who relocated to Florida and began accepting disability checks related to his diabetes and heart problems?  He founded Project Vigilant, a consortium of hackers and infosec experts that monitored 12 regional ISPs and turned over their findings to various…

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