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  • The world is ruled by a Satanic cabal. The sheeple do not understand what is really going on. Wars are manufactured by the Illuminati as a means of mass culling the sheeple. Spiritually, it is simply Satanic blood sacrifices to fallen spiritual beings: fallen angels, demons … etc. Enemies are fabricated and controlled for continuous wars. The sheeple are deceived into thinking somebody is always out to kill them and they must kill their fabricated enemies first. It is divide and conquer. The Illuminists at the top are free from threats while the sheeple below kill each other.

    Seymour Hersh: US Trains And Facilitates MEK Terror Attacks In Iran! 
    by Richard Silverstein, 
    When is a terrorist not a terrorist?  When he’s OUR terrorist.
    This just about knocked my socks off!  Sy Hersh, reporting in the New Yorker, one ups Mark Perry and just about everybody else with a…

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