American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

The level of outright hypocrisy exhibited by the Obama administration is absolutely staggering. It’s as if they fully expect their product, Obama™, to be able to get away with anything while the election is creeping nearer and the Demadrones are quaking in fear over Mitt and the “Republican War on Women™ ”

Over at the New York Times they are doing their best to present yet another Obama betrayal as a kind of victory for the American people. They claim that even though President Obama is thwarting the will of congress and the American people by constantly doing “end arounds” with his signing statements and various “executive orders”, he’s actually doing it … for us.

They are calling it a “shift” to the unitary executive authority and they provide some University of Chicago professor who claims it’s just fine. Remember, Obama is from Chicago and so are the…

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