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There are times in life, when it is useful to see through the eyes of someone who is not normally associated with a certain situation.  New eyes bring a new perspective to the things that we would normally not see.  I had such a situation last night with my wife and we’re discussing the story of the Bradley Manning, the wikileaks website, the subsequent scandal involving Julian Assange, and the current fate of Bradley Manning, as he rots away in prison.  This naturally led to a 2007 youtube video, of the murder of more than a dozen innocent people by an American in Apache helicopter.  My wife who is from Eastern Europe, was unfamiliar with the entire sad tale of Bradley Manning, the YouTube video, the transfer of hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks, and his inadvertent self incrimination by talking to a government…

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    • Unfortunately, so far, Paul is the only presidential candidate supporting whistleblowing. As much as his candidacy is disturbing for so many reasons, no getting around the total about-face Obama has made. Only long-shot hope is that Obama intentionally proclaimed Manning “guilty” so that some day, a better-constituted Supreme Court will overturn the whole mess.

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