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Two years ago, WikiLeaks released Collateral Murder, exposing war crimes. The soldier accused of releasing the video is still in prison without a trial.

By Emma Cape. April 7, 2012.
If you see something, say something...unless it's U.S. War Crimes
On April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks released the Collateral Murder video, depicting the killing of civilians and Reuters journalists, and the severe wounding of two children by a U.S. apache helicopter in Iraq. The Reuters news organization had unsuccessfully filed a Freedom of Information Request after the incident to obtain the video. However, it was the WikiLeaks whistle-blower, allegedly PFC Bradley Manning, who took action to expose the horror that took place that day.

Since then, WikiLeaks has become well known worldwide, and Bradley Manning has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

To honor the second anniversary of the video’s release, we ask that you gather your friends and neighbors…

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