Occupy the Mail for Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Postcard Project

In this day and age, why do one thing at a time? There has been a recent campaign for Occupy, called Occupy the Mail. Recently, there’s been talk of some post offices closing, and to save jobs this was Occupy’s response. 99% of us are working people, and 99% of us cannot afford personal message delivery services. For these two reasons, I think this a noble pursuit.

Then there’s Bradley Manning, locked up for whistle-blowing by the Obama administration since May 2010. His treatment has been labeled as torturous by several sources and he’s been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Occupy Mail + Bradley Manning Operation

Send Postcards with brief messages to the Nobel committee saying why Bradley Manning should get the Nobel Peace Prize . Even if it has no official effect, the effort will raise awareness.

Sent postcards to politicians and activists (perhaps to all the famous people who helped free the West Memphis Three?) Asking for their help collectively would probably get them into action more quickly.

Send postcards to news groups or agencies that are not covering the story enough, if at all.

The desired effect is to generate awareness and interest, guilt trip those who are guilty, gain media attention to the situation, and spark conversation. The Occupy the Mail is just an added bonus. Think of all the postal carriers who would see those postcards. With stamps being $0.32 a piece for postcards and the message on them being clearly visible, this is the best way I could think of to spread this message.

There’s an extremely high probability PFC Manning will be in military prison for life. He’s already been treated punitively. Please help us in spreading the message, if you can.

What kind of postcards? Well, there have been many designs submitted to #OpManning’s Tumblr account:

You have many choices where you can buy postcards with images uploaded on the internet. You could use the tumblr’s images, your own images. Also, here are bulk mailing rates for anyone with “big” ideas:  http://savepostage.com/bulkmail101/rates.html. For 200 postcards it’s about $35.

If you would like to buy 1 or 2 postcards at a time, an account has been created at Zazzle.com


We will be working diligently over the coming weeks and months to make more things available here, such as fliers for distribution.

Let’s urge the Nobel Committee to award the prize to someone who has earned it


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