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Sourced from: Bradley Manning Support Network

Because WikiLeaks releases attributed to Bradley Manning helped promote democracy in the Arab world and an end to the Iraq occupation, he is the people’s choice honoree for an international human rights award

By the Bradley Manning Support Network. April 2, 2012.

PFC Bradley Manning

In December, Glenn Greenwald wrote, “For what he is alleged to have given the world, Manning deserves gratitude and a medal, not a life in prison.” More and more human rights advocates are recognizing the transformative moral effect WikiLeaks releases have had due to, if he did what he’s accused of, the courage of Bradley Manning.

Members of the Icelandic parliament nominated Bradley for a Nobel Peace Prize earlier this year. Now Bradley has been named the People’s Choice Honoree for a human rights award.

Bradley received nearly 3,000 votes from advocates for transparency and accountability around the…

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