Join supporters worldwide spreading the word and image of Bradley Manning. Starting April 5, the second anniversary of the release of Collateral Murder. https://opmanning.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/a-global-call-to-action-in-support-of-transparency-and-justice/

Originally posted on culture+typography:

Can’t say these are the most awesome illustrations I have ever seen but I love where they are placed.

The picture from Brooklyn was taken at night while I was walking to dinner, so my perception of the surroundings is a bit off. From what I remember, it was a dark street, with construction going on and this was on the side of a building under a tarp. I didn’t know who Bradley Manning was or why this says HERO but I loved the lettering and the style of the sign. I found out about his story here.

Did you know that Greenville, SC is the home of Shoeless Joe Jackson? Me either, and I grew up there. I’m not a baseball fan but I am a fan of these hilarious looking illustrations on the side of this building!

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