December 17 is Bradley Manning’s 24th Birthday

Who is Bradley Manning?

Many in the world still do not know this remarkable story.

Inform yourself, decide for yourself what you would have done if confronted with the evidence revealed by WikiLeaks.

Truthtelling is not treason. Whistleblowers should be protected, not persecuted.

Make the U.S. government accountable, think twice about  blind allegiance to institutions that no longer serve the people and ignore their own rules and laws.

Join in this epic struggle for truth and government transparency.

Most of us do not think that “justice” left to its own devices, will be done in this case.  The White House recently refused to comment on a petition that was filed in full compliance with the requirements. The U.S. President has already stated that Manning is “guilty” which, as Obama the Constitutional scholar knows, constitutes “undue command influence” and therefore essentially nullifies Manning’s chance for a fair trial.

Take your own stand against corruption and the flagrant violation of human rights in the name of diplomacy.

Nothing short of #RepresentationThroughOccupation will create an environment that will permit real justice in Manning’s case. So, all you truth and justice lovers, get out there and #occupy something for Brad.  He (allegedly) did it for all of us, now it’s time to return the favor.



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