Pre-trial hearing actions called for Bradley Manning

The Bradley Manning Support Network has called on all of us to prepare for a late Spring 2012 Article 32 pre-trial hearing, which will probably take place in Washington, DC.  We at @opManning have no illusions about the outcome of these proceedings, given the current state of affairs. The only wildcard is what people will do to alter the seemingly inevitable. We encourage everyone to contact the BMSN, Courage2Resist, or yes even us, Operation|Manning, or start your own action.


There are, amazingly, still many people worldwide and even in the United States of America, who don’t know this incredibly important story. Many people might not care or be moved to act even if they were to be informed.  Spend your efforts on those who are already awakening.  Many are now struggling personally with hugely consequential shock waves from the financial sector implosion and related economic disruptions.

The anti-war movement has been largely ineffectual at influencing national policies.  In the aftermath of  converging global storm fronts, the influence of the 1% is now more evident to the 99% – not only in its manipulation of material resources, but also in more novel social control arenas,  such as that revealed by the release of the HBGary Federal emails which included, among many not-so surprising revelations, that the Chamber of Commerce apparently courted psyops hitmen to discredit various progressive organizations (for a full description, follow ProjectPM @BarrettBrownLOL on twitter and IRC).

Whatever one might think of the likely long-term effectiveness #OWS movement, it bears remembering that historically, all rights of individuals are the result of struggles.  None have ever been endowed unsolicited by those sitting on “the goods” and there is no reason to believe that this time will be any different.

The military expenditures of the U.S. government are bankrupting it financially.  The political and social fallout from the U.S. wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are revealing that we, as a country, or an allied country, are bankrupt morally. We have seen the enemy, and he IS us.  Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks allegedly dared to expose this, and for this they will be tried and convicted.

Only you, the people of the world, through your consistent and dedicated non-violent resistance, can stop this travesty.  Good luck, stay brave and incorruptible, everything depends on winning this.  We love you.

To the barricades!


Pre-trial Art. 32 hearing actions, date TBA

via Bradley Manning Support Network at

Take action on the first day of Bradley Manning’s first public court date, known in military lingo as an Article 32 pre-trial hearing.

The date for this has not yet been announced. When it does, it will likely be about 30 days for the announcement. It is impossible to know when this will happen due to government delays regarding all aspects of Bradley’s case; however, we are expecting the hearing to take place either in late May or sometime in June.

This hearing is expected to take place somewhere in the Washington DC area, and by law, should be open to the public and press. The hearing may last up to three weeks.

The Bradley Manning Support Network is counting on you to help us organize events not only in DC for this hearing, but local events internationally. Please begin thinking about, and planning, what you can do where you live to contribute to this global action. Contact Emma at for help and ideas.

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