Hey there, Anonymous, it’s time to Free Brad. Vote!

Dear Anonymi,

We know that we don’t all agree about much of anything and we represent the entire political spectrum of beliefs as well as just about every country and whatever designation can be placed on us.  One thing that most of us agree on is *transparency* and the right for most, if not all information to be free from limitations on its use by any minority of people.

If anyone personifies the best ideals of Anonymous, it’s Bradley Manning.  Many people the world over have been awakened by the information he allegedly provided to Wikileaks.  Many excellent activist groups are working tirelessly and effectively on his behalf.  There are good reasons why he should be released, and many have signed petitions to the White House, the Department of the Army, and others requesting that his alleged acts be viewed for what they were, revealing criminal and immoral acts by the United States government.

#OpManning has evolved over time like many other Anonymous activities.  We are committed to the core concepts of Anon as we see them, freedom of information, opposing censorship, and of course, the indispensable lulz.  Many of our comrades have been arrested and otherwise subject to attacks, and we do not wish to bring any further difficulties to anyone by promoting things that will give reason for such actions by law enforcement agents.

The right to oppose a governmental position is well recognised in the U.S. Constitution and most other national constitutions.  How one chooses to exercise civil rights is open for creative thought. As many groups are doing all the logical normal interventions, we have struggled with what we can do publicly as an Anonymous action, finding our place among the other Manning support groups, so, as the #Occupy movement strengthens and self-organizes we want to be able to bring a broader awareness to the citizens of the world that they can change whatever they set their mind to, even to the ability to influence governments to “do the right thing” when it comes to Bradley Manning.

We’re asking what YOU would like to do, or like to see US do to help Brad.  For anonymity voting, you can use Tor or a vpn on this site, wordpress.com only logs ips if you make an entry in the Comments section, but Polldaddy.com polling company likely does also log your ip, like almost all companies do (see also our IRC/Security page for more information).

You can choose MULTIPLE OPTIONS and also write in your own suggestion << PLEASE DO!  Also, please spread this poll. The more input, the more likely the action(s) can make a difference. THANK YOU

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