Amsterdam solidarity protest

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Thirty demonstrators argued Monday at the U.S. consulate in a solidarity action with Bradley Manning.  He is incarcerated in the U.S. for the release of military documents to Wikileaks.

With banners, placards, whistles, bells and whistles many demonstrators gathered in front of the hermetically sealed U.S. consulate in the Museum in the capital. Before the solidarity action was first started the gate of the consulate adorned with placards with texts like ” Free Manning / Free Assange / End the wars’ , ‘Do not shoot the messenger “and “Courage to Resist .

Took about twelve hours Frits ter Kuile the Amsterdam Catholic Worker , an international human rights organization, the word to the crowd to explain the situation of Bradley Manning. He was as intelligence analyst at the U.S. Army stationed in Iraq, but is accused of confidential documents to the whistleblower site Wikileaks to have passed.

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1 August protest at the US consulate in Amsterdam


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